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Digital solutions

Learn at your own pace with our range of digital programmes. Some classes have been developed in association with leading international training platform, Skillshare, which has experts like Simon Sinek and Gary Vee on its books - so you can access Understanding Performance classes and much more.

All classes cover one or more of our proprietary Performance Advantage™ pillars, so you can ensure you're taking a blended, 360-degree approach to give you and your team have the edge.

Retaining high performers and growing talent on your team

Learn how to build an environment that attracts high performers and enables them to thrive!

We cover:

  • Individual motivators and why this is important
  • How to use feedback conversations to understand high performers
  • What high performers need in order to excel
  • How to leverage high performers by influencing team dynamics

Duration: 7 lessons, 25 minutes

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Developing high performing teams: The 5 keys to success

Take your team's performance to the next level.

We cover:

  • The five key factors that set high performing teams apart from the rest
  • A structured, tailored approach to get the best from each team member
  • Ways to boost productivity, engagement, motivation and performance
  • The impact of wellbeing on total performance capacity

 Duration: 9 lessons, 34 minutes

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Impactful feedback in a hybrid world

Learn how to give and receive impactful feedback in a hybrid world.

We cover:

  • How to create a framework you can use to make time for feedback conversations
  • Factors to consider other than just the content of what you want to say
  • Ways to not only give feedback but tactics to embrace receiving feedback too
  • How to track progress once the feedback conversation has taken place

 Duration: 8 lessons, 39 minutes

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How to have your most productive week at work

Equip yourself with the fundamental skills required to maximise productivity at work.

We cover:

  • How to manage yourself, your energy and your time
  • The foundations of personal effectiveness, covering mind, body and business management skills that impact performance.
  • How to create a highly effective schedule for your next week of work.
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Flexing communication styles for team impact

Discover a simple five-step plan to help you communicate in a more impactful and productive way. Prompt action, make progress and get results.

 We cover:

  • How to prepare for high impact communication and why this is critical for success;
  • How to flex our communication style based on the recipient;
  • Techniques to structure impactful verbal and written communication;
  • How to prompt recipients to take action; and 
  • How to skilfully follow up at a later point.
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Giving feedback to senior stakeholders

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The art of saying no 

Learn to prioritise yourself and your agenda, by mastering the art and science of saying no. Learn how to regain control, when you're feeling overwhelmed and time poor.

We cover:

  • Opportunity to build self-awareness, develop skills and master strategies to put you in control of your work and life.

>> Modular programme combining science, psychology, theory, practice and coaching support to give you everything you need to master "the art of saying no".

>> Discover what you can do differently to make a huge shift in the way you operate, both in and out of work - giving you more control, confidence, clarity and time back for yourself.

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Reboot the system 

Fuel your body and brain by optimising your nutrition habits! Food is one of the physiological factors that contribute to peak performance. 

We cover:

  • Simple strategies to build healthy long-term habits that set you up for success, both physically and mentally
  • Tools and tactics to understand your deepest drivers, motivations and obstacles in optimising your energy levels, performance and wellbeing.
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Really excellent

Really good mix of theory to make the brain whirr but with really practical ways to apply it. Really excellent structure.