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 Unlock the ability to achieve superior levels of productivity, focus, energy and control. At work and beyond. 

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Our mission

You may have heard bold claims before and been disappointed with the lack of results. Or the methods were too intense and impossible to fit into a busy schedule. 

Our mission is to bring clear and measurable improvements to everyone we work with by using science-backed methods implemented through small attainable tweaks to the things that matter most creating a compound effect on performance.

Understanding Performance is a leadership and training consultancy specialising in peak performance. We design and deliver keynotes, training, advisory, coaching, and online knowledge products centred around this concept.

We've worked with forward-thinking clients at leading organisations across varying industries and locations, including The Walt Disney Company, Discovery, Lloyds Banking Group and Lyft. 

Doing things differently

Our proprietary Performance Advantage™ methodology is truly unique and covers all bases to maximise performance, enhance productivity, elevate mindsets and supercharge energy levels. Combining psychology, physiology and productivity strategies to give executives, teams and individuals the edge over the competition.

Focusing on impactful habit creation keeps things simple for our clients whilst ensuring effortless performance can be achieved and maintained by anyone who applies themselves. We know time is scarce, so our approach is designed to enable even the busiest professionals to maximise their potential and performance, thereby coping even better with the demands of life.

After all, your habits define your success. 

How we can help you

Improving performance really lights us up, and our extensive research means we can equip you with everything you need to get and stay on top of your game. Day in, day out.

For Business

  • Greater productivity and output

  • Results achieved faster and with more ease
  • Competitive advantage through people

For Teams

  • Effective team dynamics and cohesion
  • Powerful, proactive communication
  • Boosted morale, motivation and engagement


For Individuals

  • Proactive mindset, attitude & behaviours
  • Enhanced energy, time management & focus
  • Greater resilience and wellbeing


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The Performance Advantage™ 

Our multi-dimensional approach to Peak Performance integrates our unique skills, experience and expertise to make it attainable for anyone. Everything we do is backed by concrete evidence, research, neuroscience and continuous testing, so you can feel confident you’ll see lasting results. Psychology is at the heart of what we do, reinforced by a focus on fine-tuning physiological, business and external factors for optimal performance. 

Our proprietary methodology enables us to adapt and flex solutions, providing strategies and toolkits proven to build peak performance habits on a sustainable basis. Looking at the bigger picture and considering all the influencing factors on performance means we can empower our clients to make progress in ways that make sense for them and their circumstances. 

Our approach is practical, fun and simple yet skilfully supported by evidence-based insights, research, science and examples to facilitate the implementation, not just the theory.

It's one thing to have knowledge; it's another thing to apply it.

Our Expertise

Our skillset comes from years of research, experience, training, testing and practical application. We combine this with studying, interviewing and working with elite, world-class experts who have peak performance top of mind. We do the work to find industry-leading approaches to elevate performance so we can equip leaders, teams and individuals with tools and strategies to maximise their performance. Day in, day out. 

Abigail Ireland | Peak Performance Strategist

Abigail spent ten years in banking, working on multi-million-pound transactions and in high-performing teams in Private Equity, Acquisition Finance and Strategy.

Whilst Abigail loved her work, it came with long hours, high expectations, tight deadlines, constant change and competing demands. She realised that she needed to be smarter with her time, mindset and physical wellbeing if she wanted to keep performing at a high level in an effective and healthy way.

Over many years, she delved deep into the world of peak performance and discovered that making small tweaks across various influencing factors had a profound effect. 

Peak Performance doesn’t mean pushing yourself to your limits or sacrificing other areas of your life. It’s about fine-tuning the individual for optimum outcomes and behaviours. Abigail used these findings to create a unique system that enables healthy, sustainable top performance. 

Abigail leads with her passion and enthusiasm for enabling people to perform better long-term without sacrifice. She is not an advocate of short-term superficial tactics. Her comprehensive approach combines an eclectic corporate and entrepreneurial background spanning nearly 20 years to give clients practical and achievable ways to enhance productivity, energy, and focus for sustainable, high-impact results.

Abigail is a qualified Chartered Banker, NLP Practitioner, Executive & Leadership Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Combining this skillset and experience enables her clients to achieve peak performance across mind, body and business. 

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.


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