When you understand performance, you can maximise it.

Executives, teams and individuals can function at their highest level on a sustainable basis with our 360-degree approach.

Peak Performance - achievable by anyone

Understanding Performance is a leadership and training consultancy specialising in enabling ambitious executives and teams to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis - with small attainable tweaks rather than gruelling sacrifice.

Our unique integrated method draws on the latest psychology and applies valuable lessons and insights from nature, sport and neuroscience to deliver proven strategies that give real results to any individual. 

You’ll get strategies covering every aspect that matters to fine-tune individuals and teams to uplevel performance at work and beyond - with measurable results. 


Mastering the art and science of peak performance

You’re here because you know there’s more to performance than hitting sales targets and meeting deadlines. You’ve recognised the value of teams that can maintain high levels of excellence, but you know it isn’t about pushing people to their limits and that it does extend beyond the office. 

True peak performance is about the way you show up. Taking small daily actions to fine-tune and remain focused, so you can easily cope with the demands of high-pressure jobs and full and busy lives.

Achieving peak performance involves three critical elements

  • Psychology
  • Physiology 
  • Productivity

Our innovative methodology combines insights from leading performance specialists and valuable lessons from sport, nature, psychology, neuroscience and more. We also examined the internal and external environments that influence our ability to perform at our best long-term, allowing us to bring you a cutting-edge and proven approach that’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our take on peak performance

We believe that anyone can achieve top performance by fine-tuning the three core elements of our Performance Advantage™ methodology - covering Psychology, Physiology & Productivity. Our tools and strategies are quick and simple to implement, so there’s no overload on busy schedules.

Master your mindset

Adopt the strategies of elite performers to habitually think and act like the top 1%. You’ll learn how to apply simple, practical techniques grounded in psychology and neuroscience to change your thoughts and effortlessly reach your true potential.

Fine-tune your physiology

Unlock the fundamentals of human performance, and discover your own blueprint for better focus, energy and results. We use our expertise and science-backed insights to fine-tune your body - by addressing nutrition, physical training, recovery, stress management, sleep and more.

Optimise the way you operate

Modify external factors that impact productivity and personal effectiveness - systems, processes, ways of working and team dynamics. Identify the obstacles blocking your ability to perform at your peak, and discover how to overcome these with ease.

Ready to level up?

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I Want the Performance Advantage!

What our clients say

The Programme has been a really positive personal journey for me. I have formed some great habits that have really helped lift some of that brain fog and stress that comes with a busy job and home life. I know this better version of me will show up at work with a positive outlook ready to take on anything and hopefully inspire my team and colleagues.

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