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What we believe

Everyone can play a role in restoring the planet, and organisations are a powerful force for good. We all want to do good, but we can fall prey to our innate human irrationality. Change will take place through small actions every day. This is your world.

We run on the renewable energy of volunteer goodwill and base our insights on behavioural science. 



Ready to shape the future of the planet?

We get it. It’s tough knowing what to do when the problem seems so big.

Our planet needs help, and you have the power to make change happen. All movements start with small shifts, and we are here to enable organisations to help save and restore the Earth.

Burying our heads in the sand won't make the problem go away but, together, we can create powerful and positive change.

Our Workshops 

Put yourself and your team through a Third Planet Collective session, so you can take practical action towards a brighter future on Planet Earth. Enrol for our online course or enquire about hosting an interactive virtual session, facilitated by a member of the Third Planet team. Pick from our two kickstarter sessions below.

Extraplanetary Leadership (60 mins)

Designed for LEADERS, this interactive session kickstarts the journey towards shaping pro-planetary organisations - acknowledging the numerous benefits for businesses and their stakeholders, and focusing on what decision-makers can do to be at the forefront.

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Only You Can Save the Earth (60 mins)

Designed for TEAMS, this interactive session explores the role that each individual plays in protecting and restoring the planet. Assess your attitude and the obstacles that block your progress. Come away with practical actions for work and home that make an impact.

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Create a practical plan to quickly and easily adjust everyday habits and choices.

What people are saying


It made me feel like my efforts would count, motivated me to take more action and to spread the word. 

- Only You Can Save the Earth participant


I loved discovering practical tips on how I can make a difference, both at work and at home.

I was also inspired by the passion of my colleagues in the session, and their passion has inspired me to play even more of my part.

- Only You Can Save the Earth participant


Third Planet Collective flagged positive ways in which every organisation can encourage each individual to contribute in a significant and meaningful way.

- Extraplanetary Leadership participant

Meet the Team

We run on the renewable energy of volunteer goodwill. If you want to find out more about how you bring your skills to Third Planet Collective, get in touch to discuss ways to join our team.


Abigail Ireland, Co-Creator

Abigail is the founder of leadership and training consultancy, Understanding Performance. She specialises in peak performance programmes for executives and teams - blending psychology, physiology and productivity for optimal performance. With a career in banking behind her, Abigail is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who deeply cares about the environment, wildlife and nature. Her goal is to help our planet to also thrive and operate at its peak.

Dr. Iain Smith, PhD, Co-Creator

Iain is a practicing business psychologist with over ten years' experience in behavioural science and behaviour change. He is a Solutions Director for Mind Gym where he has worked with some of the biggest organisations in the world. He has completed a PhD in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham, and is passionate about making behavioural science accessible in a way that supports sustainable business practices.

Sheehab Mahmud, People Experience Manager

Sheehab is an HR enthusiast who is currently pursuing his postgraduate degree in business administration at the University Of Roehampton. Over the years, he has held various positions within Human Resources and Community Service. To him, environmental sustainability is about making ethical and responsible decisions in our daily lives, whilst understanding the negative impact of our actions on Earth. Sheehab is motivated by creating a positive organisational culture that excludes the fear of judgment and repercussions.

Glenn Bemment, ESG Banking Professional

Glenn is the Head of ESG for the Lloyds Bank SME and Mid Corporate business. Glenn leads a team of ESG Directors using finance as a force for good to help, educate and provide insight to support client ambitions to make a just transition to a Net Zero carbon economy.  Glenn and his team are helping businesses reduce their overall costs and energy usage with new Clean Growth Financing as we move towards a carbon neutral economy. By transitioning to low carbon sustainable business models we can make a real difference to tackling climate change; improve the social impact on our towns, cities and communities and be inclusive for everyone.

Damien Mulligan, Eco-system Partner

Damien is an entrepreneur, working with a group of like-minded collaborators to build a platform that will create communities of emotionally resilient people who overcome the barriers to climate change. When his young daughter, upset by the scale of ecological disaster outlined in a David Attenborough documentary, asked him “Why don’t we do things differently?  Why don’t people change?”, he decided to apply his years of software industry experience leading technical support, customer success and commercial program transformation projects to do what he can to institute change across society.

Jess Carter, Initiative Partner

Jess Carter, Co-creator of the Planet Action Partnership is an environmentalist and experienced project manager who has explored environmental law and has a flair for community engagement and coordination. She is dedicated to supporting businesses to take action for the planet as the green revolution begins to take hold. Her work with businesses is directly invested into a schools programme at Planet & People - empowering the next generation to create a better future for planet and people through the Planet Action Workshop series. 

Dr. Julia Carless, PhD, Innovation & Change Specialist

Dr. Julia Carless is an experienced Strategy & Innovation Specialist who has worked in leading organisations across the globe, with her latest position as a Director at Westpac in Australia. A key focus of her work and studies has been on how human-centered design thinking can drive real change and innovation and she is highly motivated to apply the key learnings to make the Third Planet Collective a success. Julia is a Board Member of the Bo Children’s Hospital in Sierra Leone. She is passionate about cultures and diversity and loves bringing different perspectives together to drive meaningful outcomes.

Arshad Thodiyan, HR & Recruitment Manager

Arshad Thodiyan is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Human Resources Management. He boasts a rich and varied background in HR, business management, and research. At Third Planet Collective, Arshad is dedicating his expertise, skills and passion for sustainability to making a positive impact on the planet. 

George Warren, Climate Conscious Coach

George believes that coaching and coaches have a huge role to play in the climate crisis. With access to leaders and the skills or self-management and behaviour change, coaches have the responsibility to have better conversations with their clients. A coach, facilitator and coach-trainer, George specialises in working with the emotions of climate change. Helping others work through their grief, anger, hopelessness or stuckness - to take brave and bold action. Based in the mountains of Snowdonia, he works globally and has created one of the first climate change coaching skills courses specifically for coaches.

Joseph Williams, TPC Ambassador

As an Architectural Assistant, Joseph specialises in conservation and heritage architecture and holds a BA (Hons) Architecture degree. He enjoys educating clients and colleagues on sustainable design and energy efficiency. Joseph is incredibly passionate about climate awareness, education and adaptation. He is Carbon Literate Certified and has completed the Sustainability Consulting Accelerator programme by One Point Five Academy. He believes we can mobilise change by improving individual understanding of climate change and the science behind it. When we each have an understanding of what lies ahead and what we need to do, we will be able to combat climate change and adapt our ways of life.

Melisa Kaya, Communication & Social Media Coordinator

Melisa holds a BA degree in Communication & Media and a Masters degree in Strategic Communication. Her studies have instilled in her a passion for PR, marketing and branding. As part of a university project, she created an environmental social media campaign in collaboration with other students to promote habits that have a positive impact on our planet. When she found out about the Third Planet Collective, she was immediately intrigued. Melisa believes that every change in our behaviour - however small it might be – is a massive step in the right direction to preserve our planet. She is excited to produce content for TPC’s social media and help spread the word around this highly important topic.  

Jasper Steinhausen, Circular Economy Expert

Jasper Steinhausen is the founder and CEO of Business With Impact. He is a specialist in making sustainability profitable for SMEs in the manufacturing space. He is the longest-running circular economy business consultant in the Nordic countries and has been an advisor for the Danish government on how to accelerate the green transition through their Green Transition Fund.

Kiran Goyal, Outreach & Behavioural Consultant

Kiran holds a masters degree in neuroscience and is the outreach and behavioural consultant for Third Planet Collective. She has a strong background in biological sciences and psychology, with prior experience in social media advertisement. At Third Planet Collective, Kiran strives to promote change, starting with small everyday lifestyle changes to make individuals and the world healthier together.

Natalie Boswell, Regional Development

Natalie is the Regional Development Director in the North East for Lloyds Bank, with the objective of building stronger and more sustainable regional economies through collaboration and thought leadership. SMEs represent 99% of all UK businesses, 60% of employment and 50% of private turnover so their role in reducing emissions and achieving net zero is massive. Natalie's work at Lloyds Bank includes supporting businesses at each stage with helpful guidance explaining key concepts, tools to help measure building energy efficiency, or green lending products that reward clients with discounted lending for sustainable purposes.

Carla Maroussas, Workshop Facilitator

Carla is a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner who helps her business and individual clients to reduce overwhelm and work out their next steps. She spent her career prior to this in Film, Television and Music, most recently as a Managing Director and Board member. Carla is passionate about the community she lives in and she volunteers in various roles. She is the founder of a local sustainability community group which educates and engages with residents, particularly around the notion that every small change matters. 

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